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  1. Email Policies

  2. Regular Email Setup Help

  3. Add Additional Mailbox Users

  4. How can I check my email while on vacation?

  5. "Relaying not allowed" Message

  6. I received a message that my mailbox is full.

1. Email Policies

As part of your standard email account, each account gets 20 Mb of space. If mailboxes exceed 20 Mb, California Broadband Services reserves the right to delete the entire mailbox. In addition, we reserve the right to remove, without notification, any and all mail older than 60 days; or to remove accounts inactive for more than 60 days.

For anti-spam purposes, we restrict access to our mailserver from certain foreign countries, restrict access from direct connection by DSL & Cable users, and restrict access from known spam sites. DSL & Cable users should use the mailservers of their providers.

For anti-virus protection, we also restrict executable attachments.

2. Regular Email Setup Help
  • Email Setup Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express (below)

    Launch (click on) Microsoft Outlook Express. The first time that you run the program, it will automatically start the wizard that asks you for the information to set up the account.

    If it does not start the new accounts setup wizard, click on "Tools" then "Accounts" then on the "Mail" tab, and then click "Add" then "Mail". This will start the Internet Connection Wizard.

    Click on "I already have an email address that I'd like to use".

    Enter your email address in the box "Email Address". It should be your login name, then @elkgrove.net. For example: donbrown@elkgrove.net

    Then Click on "Next". Make sure that "My incoming mail server is" POP3.

    Under "Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) Server", enter mail.elkgrove.net .

    Under "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server", enter smtp.elkgrove.net .

    Click on "Next".

    Under "Account Name", enter you login name in all lowercase letters. (Do not add @elkgrove.net !)

    Under "Password", enter your password, also in all lowercase letters.

    Click on "Next".

    Click on "Finish".

    If you have additional mailboxes to set up, start the wizard again.

    Note: You can send yourself a test message. Just send it, wait a minute, then check for new mail. After this, "Reply" to it and send it. Then check for new mail again to see if you return address is set up correctly. Read the help files to learn how to get the most out of your email program.

3. Add Additional Mailbox Users

There are several ways of adding additional mail boxes, depending on what you want to do with the additional email accounts.

If you would like for the mail from both email addresses to arrive in the same inbox, follow these instructions.

If you don't want the emails from both accounts to arrive in the same inbox, you can follow the instructions for Switching Identities in Outlook Express.

4. How can I check my email while on vacation?

Set up WebMail. To access that service, click here.

5. "Relaying not allowed" Message

This is a common problem when you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than ours. You must be online using our Internet Access Service, in order to send email through our SMTP server. You cannot send emails using our SMTP server while online with another Internet Service Provider.

To send email, you must set up your SMTP server to be the one from the ISP you're using; or use WebMail.

6. I received a message that my mailbox is full.

What this means is that your mailbox on our server is exceeding the allotted amount of storage. This is storage for your email while it's waiting to be downloaded to your computer. After you have received your messages, your email program should delete the messages from our server. Some email programs are setup to leave the mail on our server. We do not recommend this.

Please empty out your old messages from our server. To do this follow the instructions below.

If are using Microsoft's Outlook Express, click on "Tools" then "Accounts", and highlight the mailbox account. Next click on "Properties" then "Advanced". Place a check mark on "Leave copy of message on server", then put a check mark on "Remove from server after" and enter a time period 5 days. Click on "Apply".

Check your mail again, and your old messages will be removed from our server. This does not affect the email on your computer.

If you do not remove your old messages, we will have to delete your entire mailbox. See our Email Policies.

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