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What factors can affect my Internet speed?

Your Internet speed can be negatively impacted by interference with your Internet radio signal, as well as other factors.

Common sources of interference with your Internet radio signal are:

  • Objects obstructing the signal between our tower and your radio
  • Other wireless devices within your home
  • Wireless router placement
  • Additional routers, modems, or extenders
  • Unsecured network
  • Neighboring wireless networks
Common sources negatively affecting Internet speed at a specific device:
  • Number of other devices accessing the Internet at the same time
  • Viruses and malware
  • Device hardware
  • Number of applications running simultaneously
Outside Objects Obstructing Signal

Your Internet radio signal is being transmitted wirelessly between our tower and your radio. A relatively clear line-of-sight transmission is necessary for good radio signal integrity

The most common signal obstruction that occurs after installation of Internet service is a tree, or trees, which grow into the path of the Internet signal.

Trees on the subscriber's property, which grow to become obstructions to your Internet signal, will need to be trimmed or removed in order to maintain good Internet speeds.

Wireless Router Placement

The position of your wireless router can greatly affect your coverage area and the strength of your signal.

For example, since signal strength declines as distance increases, a router located centrally in the house will provide a more consistent signal strength throughout your coverage area.

Additionally, your Internet signal will be blocked by metal or other dense objects, so your router should be positioned accordingly.

For the best overall wireless coverage and signal strength:
  • Place the router in the middle of your house.
  • Position the router off the floor.
  • Adjust the router's antenna vertically.
  • Avoid placing the router on or near metal (or other dense) objects, such as a metal desk, metal file cabinet, or metal wall.
Additional Routers, Modems, or Extenders

Any routers, modems, or extenders that are in use, in addition to the router installed for your wireless Internet service, can cause interference that affects your Internet speeds.

Other Wireless Devices

Cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, security cameras, smart meters, and older Bluetooth devices can cause wireless interference that affects your Internet speeds.

These products can create interference with your wireless router if they are using the 2.4GHz band. If you are using one or more of these devices in your home and suspect interference from them, then you can try turning off each one individually to assess whether or not your Internet speed improves as a result.

Unsecrued Network

An unsecured network, with no password, can be used by anyone in the vicinity and significantly reduce your speeds. We recommed that you secure your WiFi network with WPA2/AES, which is what we use to secure our routers.

Neighboring Wifi Networks

Depending on proximity, your neighbors' WiFi networks could interfere with yours, hindering the performance and range of your wireless network and thereby affecting speeds. This is usually not a problem for rural areas.

Multiple Devices Accessing the Internet

Computers, tablets, game consoles, smartphones, and other devices accessing the Internet simultaneously will reduce the overall speed at each device.

Viruses and Malware

Viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, free toolbars, and browser add-ons may consume significant system resources and adversely affect the Internet speed on the device you are using.

Device Hardware

Your computer or other devices' resources, such as processor speed, memory, etc. may reduce your Internet speed on that device, if those resources are inadequate for the applications you are attempting.

Number of Applications Running Simultaneously

On any of one your devices, when multiple programs are using the Internet simultaneously, such as downloading music with iTunes, surfing the web using Mozilla Firefox, along with programs running in the background (antivirus updates, backups, etc.), then the overall Internet speed on that device will be reduced for any additional application(s) being attempted.

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